Marketing Publications

Content is taking over the marketing industry. 

Some blogs and publications supply the knowledge every marketing professional require. Also, they can offer critical resources to application, and not just for digestion of what they're trying to teach. Here are my favorite 10 marketing blogs and publications, i think you should add to your reading list this year.


1. MarketingProfs

Processes and procedures can be hard to define for first-time entrepreneurs. The guides and reports provided by MarketingProfs can be a life raft when beta testing email automation.

2. Business Insider

A rising star in the content world, Business Insider publishes on markets and strategy, DAILY. Think of it as the Huffington Post for business and marketing professionals.

3. The Knowledge Bank

The company's blog touches on all aspects of content marketing and branding--from thought leadership and content creation to lead generation and content distribution.

4. HubSpot Blog

HubSpot is best-known for its software and primetime marketing conference, Inbound. Beyond these product offerings, this blog is the first step toward inbound marketing certificates offered by the company.

5. Vero

Email campaigns have long been the bane of marketers' existence. How do we get consumers to open our outreach material? The answers reside with Vero, a purveyor of email automation software. Don't be fooled, on the surface, email marketing appears easy. Write strong copy and send, right? Not quite. Vero's "How To" tab may help you discover the true role data plays in this process.

6. Kissmetrics

Entrepreneurs occasionally struggle with leveraging the analytical data available to them. Kissmetrics sifts through the numbers, to expose mistakes your current suite of metrics can't account for. Kissmetrics' easy to use infographic library provides visual roadmaps for complex marketing practices.

7. Hootsuite

As many entrepreneurs figure out the hard way, social media is not simple. Consistency is key for your social audience, and Hootsuite provides myriad content options for micro-scale businesses looking to adopt a macro approach to posting.
The content marketing world is saturated with articles on processes and procedures. Godin connects our professional lives to our personal. Genius.

9. Moz

If you're a human being, then it's likely that the first time you heard of search engine optimization, you were confused. Moz strives to sift through the algorithms and keywords of SEO to provide insights on the search engines businesses must pacify.

10. Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy is synonymous with excellence in advertising. No matter what portion of the marketing mix you or your business addresses, learning from design pioneers is crucial to evaluating how your brand looks to consumers.


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