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Inspirational & Marketing Must Reads

Blog Posts You Should Follow, 10 of My Favorite Growth Hackers

1) Sean Ellis, CEO at and Qualaroo

Sean Ellis is on many lists mentioning Growth Hack. He is to me a "Yoda of growth hacking" because he's always coming up with fresh and inspirational ideas. He talks on customer acquisition to word-of-mouth marketing and everything in between. You will have your favourite. This, i think is his best. 
Must Reads:

2) Mikael Cho, Co-Founder of Crew

Mikael Cho has founded a number of companies over the past eight years. His tips are easy for entrepreneurs to follow. He founded the freelance professional network Crew.  And his insights deeply resonate with me. He has a very personal voice. My pics are these.
Must Reads:

3) Seth Godin, Founder of

 Seth's blogIs inspiring and fascinating. He mostly writes about  leadership to marketing and his blog is one of the most popular in the world.  His tips are straightforward and simple. 
Must Reads:

4) Sangeet Paul Choudary, Co-Chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit at MIT Media Labs

Highly respectable Sangeet Paul Choudary is someone every growth hackers should look up to. His articles are deeply rooted in real world problems and solutions, and though I'm listing only two best articles, chances are you will find a whole a treasure trove for yourselves.
Must Reads:

5) Josh Elman, Partner at Greylock Partners

He was responsible for growing Twitter's active user base by nearly 10X. Before that, he held product and engineering roles at Facebook, LinkedIn, Zazzle, and RealNetworks. He has extensive experience in the growth space -- and, luckily for us, he shares his thoughts through insightful articles on Medium.
Must Reads:

6) Neil Patel, Co-Founder of Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics

If youre working in the online business space, You MUST follow Neil Patel. The QuickSprout blog is a power pool of exemplary content on social media, digital marketing, and content marketing. He helped companies like Amazon, GM, HP, and Viacom grow their revenue.
Must Reads:

7) Nir Eyal, Growth Hacker

Nir Eyal is the best-selling author of Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products and writes for popular business publications like TechCrunch, Forbes, and Psychology Today. His blog is, called "Nir and Far," full of intriguing ideas.
Must Reads:

8) Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at AppSumo

Noah worked at Mint as a marketing director and Facebook as a product manager once before. He deserves a mention in this list for his personal blog OkDork, which focuses on startups and marketing. If you're looking for real world business hacks, this blog will help you out immensely.
Must Reads:
  1. "The Step-by-Step Guide to 10X Growth for Any Blog"
  2. "How to Create a Marketing Plan"

9) Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder & CTO of HubSpot

Founder of HubSpot, co-author to two books on inbound marketing, and  an active entrepreneur. Dharmesh founded and writes for the top-ranking startup blog I find his articles on leadership and hiring quite unconventional.

10) Sujan Patel, VP Marketing at When I Work

Sujan is a regular contributor to Forbes and other popular business publications, but he's also an expert growth hacker. His articles are well written and full of up-to-date information and insights.
Must Reads:

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