Content Marketing Vs Inbound Marketing

Having had the opportunity to meet up with other Digital Marketing enthusiast recently in the city, I was able to answer this most frequent question :
What is Content Marketing and What is Inbound Marketing. 
Ok, so this is my simplified answer to that. In my opinion Content Marketing focuses on building relationships through content and Inbound Marketing is its “bigger picture”. It involves many activities all sorts of components that uses creative methods to inspire a potential customer to take action. You will find that most Content Marketing programs focus on blogging and content creation, while Inbound Marketing encompasses a large variety of methods, from social media to blogs to video and more.

In my humble opinion even though they are both non interuptive marketing, Content and Inbound Marketing aren’t the same. My take is on this is such because the activities involved are different. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Content Marketing is part of an Inbound Marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing refers to the methods taken to convert a visitor into a customer once they end up on a website. Content marketing is just a section of that because it focuses on very specific methods of content creation and distribution. 

So, while both are modern marketing methods, they aren’t really the same thing. They may have the same end goal, but the methods they involve are different.

How Do They Work Together?
Inbound needs content to work which means they work together as components. We can’t execute Inbound marketing without a content strategy and without actual content in a variety of types. You need blog articles, long-form content like eBooks, content for social media and content for website pages, just to name examples of where content is the star of the show.

But it goes much deeper than this. Inbound marketing is a metrics- and result-driven methodology, so you want content to drive results. In essence, your content marketing is going to be tightly integrated with your conversion strategy. Inbound produces results by using content to turn website visitors into leads, so the focus is on optimizing that content and that conversion experience.

Content marketing is just one piece of a complete Inbound marketing strategy. Yes, you need content marketing, but you need a whole host of other inbound marketing tactics to deliver and measure results.


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