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Ahad, 26 Februari 2017

Anyone familiar with this?

You Don't Have To feel alone, we know how difficult it is to build and run a business.

Tell me if this feels familiar.

You're already in business and now looking to grow a new one online because you know that today you can't afford NOT to have your business online. You frequently get involved in conversations with those who already have a business, and always I mean always walk away with loads of ideas. Even your social feeds give you information and more ideas, more opportunities, YES, you see what others are doing and you're thinking, 'Hey I could do that too..'

You're so very excited with what you see, the potential income opportunities are in an abundance that, the feeling of excitement almost instantly turns to stress as you get an overwhelming feeling of wanting to do everything presented to you but for some reason, you're not doing any! Even if you did act on it progress is slow, and you're so frustrated because seemingly everyone around you is getting so much more done than you.

 How are they so much more productive?

We are spoilt for options that growth is hindered...Ladies, you need a concrete foundation, this will anchor you towards your goals.  That's why I love mini workshops, over seminars and conferences, they are great for stirring up new ideas and setting things in motion. 

Workshop - Building an Online Business

I know every participant who I met up with brought with them different perspectives, backgrounds, motivation, and capabilities. At my mini workshop for online community Goodlife, participants will be divided into 3 groups. 

Participants come to learn about Building An Online Business and I feel that this setting allows them to learn from each other too. I try to keep a relaxed atmosphere all the time and make sure everybody feels safe.

The simple but informative welcome pack includes presentation handout, and other reading materials, which participants can always refer to in their own time.

My intention is simply to provide a trustworthy guidance and support platform for ladies between 21-45 who intend to take on online businesses and make an earning from it. 

Attending an interview meeting earlier last week, I had to put in my official request for an hour slot for the mini-workshop on Building An Online Business. A daunting exercise, but necessary, everyone is careful nowadays understandably so with internet scams, and get rich quick activities on the rise. Am glad that I was given the opportunity to present, and humbled that it was widely accepted.

Of course, I missed lunch that day but made up for it at sushi king with my 6-year-old son. 

If you're someone who is a keen and like-minded, feeling a bit lost with the chaotic digital information, looking for guidance on creating a marketing strategy online, perhaps looking for an opportunity or you're already a social media superstar looking to grow your network, or just about anyone who is looking for knowledge and insights into marketing online and methods to earn. Keep in touch. All you need is a strong passion to better yourself

Let's meet up and exchange ideas, we can learn about ways to earn from online activities. Please do, take that first step and Register your interest here, and I will be in touch for an available date for our next mini workshop.

Yes, Goodlife-Entrepreneurs.Co is an online community of women entrepreneurs, looking to connect with like-minded individuals. Oh I almost forgot here's my presentation notes I'm selling on Facebook. For my ladies in Brunei and Singapore, who was interested but couldn't make it. It's priced @ SGD/BND $11.

"Easy guides to follow" - Ms.Monika Tan

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Click To Order

We're living in a digital age and all is possible, YES, I will consider hosting lessons via webinar in the near future, as requested by some.

Do Subscribe to my newsletter, and not miss that announcement.

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